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Why 734?

734, or 7.9220°N and 34.1532°E, is the geographical coordinates for Gambela, a region in Ethiopia where over 200,000 South Sudanese citizens take refuge. The refugees of Gambela are in desperate need of aid, so we at Humanity Helping Sudan Project are dedicating our time and energy to provide a sustainable future for them. Every 8oz bag purchased provides funds to raise chickens, create fishing nets, and grow crops. Through the sale of 734 Coffee and your help, the refugees may be able to learn the skills necessary to live a life untethered from donations and aid.


Humanity Helping Sudan

“Humanity Helping Sudan/Ethiopia Project is a charitable organization that creates awareness of the refugee crisis. Our mission is to educate refugee groups and individuals to achieve self-sufficiency so that camps can become communities.”

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Spreading a little Sunday inspiration, meet Daraah Mou

By Cydni Gordon

People go through great lengths to secure a better life. Daraah Mou, originally born in Kenya is an example. Her life has been tragedy stricken as she has wandered from country to country to escape hardship.

In a region that's lacking in sustainable industry and adequate infrastructure, there aren't many opportunities for women like Mou in Central Africa. She's left to rely on herself or the intervention of international relief. This lesson was one Mou learned early in life, which is why she's been living a nomadic life in hopes of landing an opportunity.

However, Mou has been able to end her wandering with the help of the Humanity Helping Sudan Project (HHSP). One of our initiatives includes a microeconomics program. With the realization that many Sudanese households are run by women, we knew we needed to help women. Often times, women are more responsible economic stewards than men.

In the photo you can see Mou working on her sewing machine. It was provided by HHSP. In return for this gift, there was mutual understanding that Mou would help teach three other women who were given sewing machines how to sew. They in return would teach an additional three women, thus more and more women will learn to sew and be able to work toward self-sustainability.

In addition to sharing her sewing knowledge, Mou makes school uniforms for children and bed sheets for hotels in Sudan. With this sewing machine and her skills, she brings in up to $100 dollars a month.

 Here is our very own Manyang Reath trying out Mou's sewing machine

Mou works on one of her profitable creations

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Saturday, volunteers from VCU and the greater Richmond Community worked from noon into the evening sorting through donations. This was the second sorting day that was held at the Islamic Center of Virginia, located off of Buford, Rd. There were at least 50 helping hands tackling the labor-intensive process of sorting and packing the hundreds and hundreds of donated clothing items and beyond (baby seats and formula).

Continue reading to find out how you can help.Volunteers listening up for directions on forming an assembly line for efficiency

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Don't forget about Joe!

In just 7 days, Joe Kelleher and his son are going to bike 500 miles from Chicago to Pittsburgh along the Lincoln Road in support of HHSP. They are Biking for Lost Boys.


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